Worms having babies!

Baby worms hatching from eggs! I emptied my 2nd compost tube 2 days ago, did not have time to finish seperating all the worms and put them back to the tube, so I just took the box of compost indoors, covered it, thinking that I will do the rest of it later. Well, this morning I put on my gloves, getting ready to seperate some more worms, but I found some little white threads wiggling around, so I got my camera hoping to take a picture of them and just so happened to catch a little baby hatching from a cocoon! I’m so glad I caught it on video. Hope you all enjoy seeing it.  However, I found out later from a FB friend that these are not baby Red Wigglers, but baby Pot Worms.  Pot Worms grow in a more acidic environment and is an indication that  my worm bin is too wet and acidic.  I was told that a little bit of Pot Worms are ok, but Red Wigglers do not like acidic environment, so I should try to correct the PH, otherwise the Pot Worms would take over and the Red Wigglers would die off.  An addition of ground up egg shells, dolomite or lime and more browns in the compost tube is the antidote.  However, Pot Worms are also good vermicomposter as they eat acidic stuff like bread, tomatoes, pineapple, etc.  so some people raise them as fish food also for their aquarium, but they are no good for seedlings.  Well, I have no aquarium fish, so they will have to go.  But seeing a little worm emerging from a cocoon still is kind of cute.  Here’s the link to the video.  #worms #worm cocoons #composting with worms #vermicomposting #Pot Worms

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