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WonderSoil, yet again!

Went to visit WonderSoil Factory again recently.   Needed to buy some more planting mix to bring to my daughter in Seattle, and to send some to my daughter-in-law and son in Illinois, as well as getting some for myself for my self-watering pots.  I just cannot say enough for the people at WonderSoil.  I bought 9 blocks of Organic mix in bricks, and they gave me one extra for free, and that is on top of the discounts that I was getting!  I also got some soil booster, which is formulated for tied, depleted soil.  All you have to do is to add the tablets according to the size of your plants.   And if you are having gofer problems, they have that covered too — Gofer plugs.  You put the tablets into the gofer holes, water and they plug the holes up and the gofers won’t come back.   I’m going to use those for my lawn in Illinois.   They also have launched their line of growing mix for succulents and cactus on QVC  and gave me a big bag to try.  Now I have to make another Baby Stacked Tower for succulents, just to test it out.   I am thinking of trying to get some edible succulents … no, not prickly pears … learned my lesson last time!  Since there are some succulents that do not require that much sunlight, which my back porch is limited on, I think I will just try those.  Any one of your have any suggestions on what succulents  to put in my “Baby”, please let me know.     Also, dissolved a Compost Tea tablet in one gallon of water and watered my plants in all the towers a few days ago, and  noticed a change in growth already.  I got the Compost Tea Tablet from them on my previous trip. 🙂  All in all, a great and fun trip. Even drag my best friend along, and she had a great time.IMG_2120 IMG_2118 IMG_0173

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