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Visiting Wonder Soil again

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.50.58 AMIntroducing Wonder Soil…

Made another trip to the Wonder Soil factory again today and bought myself another 2 packages of the “Organic Planting Sheets” for my other GT2, which I had been wanting to start indoors for a long time, just never got around to doing it. The Wonder Soil people are so very nice.

Last year when I visited them, their president happened to be in, gave me a tour of the plant, specially packed my order, gave me a whole bunch of free samples of their other products like the “Seed starting Pellets” etc. plus a great discount on what I bought.

This time when I returned, they remembered me! Gave me another great discount on the stuff I got. I noticed on their website that they are selling something called the “Super Food” in their “Sampler Pack”, which are compressed compost tea tablets, to be mixed with one gallon of water. So I asked them if they sell them separately. They said no, as it comes with the “Sampler Pack”, however the gentleman asked me how many I want. I said I just want to try them, and if they would sell me 4 tubes, each tube has 10 tablets. Well, they gave me 4 tubes, for free! I am a happy camper!

So now, working on my next GT2. Next time if any of you are in Las Vegas, pay a visit to Wonder Soil. I highly recommend their products, and they have such great customer service. The gentleman even carried and loaded all the stuff in my car!

Here’s their website if you want to order online:

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