Update on Growing My Own Medicine – Canna Juice

On Jan. 9, I posted how I started growing cannabis for leaves for my medicine to treat the Rheumatoid Arthritis that I have been suffering for the past 8 years.  I started juicing the leaves and taking my first Canna smoothy (see previous post for receipe) on Jan. 22.   Since then, I have started slowly increasing the amount of leaves as the plant produces more and now up to 20 leaves every time, with a frequency of every other day.  My objective is to have enough leaves (approx. 20) everyday.  On top of that, I sometimes add in the Green Juice Powder “Organifi” that my son sent me, and on the days that I do not have enough canna leaves, I still drank the “Organifi”.  The receipe of my smoothy is not always the same.  I very often just add whatever fruit I have on hand and picked some of the leavy organic vegetables that I grow in my Garden Tower, like kale, swiss chard, spinach; and herbs like mint, coriander,  and basil, and to thicken the drink I added sometimes banana, sometimes avocado, and sometimes both.  However, the constants are canna leaves, 2 inches of ginger,  organic apples, and turmeric.  I had my last RA infusion I V medicine and methotrasate medication Feb. 1 and then I was to have my next infusion after another 4 weeks on Feb, 28.    However I was scheduled for cataract eye surgery  on  March 1, and according to my RA doctor, I cannot have my RA infusion within 4 weeks of any kind of surgery, as my immune systems is greatly compromised after the infusion.    But then, my eye surgery was rescheduled to March 23, so I have to delayed my RA infusion a second time.   I figured that I have been taking my canna smoothy since Jan. 22, and my pains seems to have lessened, even without my infusion and regular medication, though not completely gone; I just postponed my Mar. 21 RA infusion again.  Instead, I tried to increase the  canna leaves to a constant 20 leaves everytime I juiced.   My eye surgery has come and gone, and everything went smoothly, and at the same time, I discovered the pains to the RA has greatly diminished, still not completely gone though; but then I found that my energy has greatly increased.  The constant terrible fatigue has disappeared.  I am sure part of it is also due to drinking the “Organifi” green vegetables/fruit powder and also my starting on a new kind of vitamins from Seacret Direct called “Life”  which comes in a new technological gel form for greater and faster absorption plus it contains special exclusive minerals from the deadseas in Israel.  As according to many experts, vitamins in pill form only contribute to expensive urine and poo as they are difficult to digest and absorbed, and as much as 80% of the actual vitamins are  being passed out,  so Seacret formulates their vitamins in gel form for greater absorption.  Besides, our body prefers actual food than pills.    I am looking forward to be able to  have enough  canna leaves for juicing everyday soon.  According to the doctor in California who pioneered treating RA with canna leaves said that his wife who suffered  RA experienced a complete remission from the disease in 3 months after everyday juicing.   I am really impressed with the results that I am getting right now, having missed two actual RA infusion and quitting all the methotrasate, I am actually feeling better and suffering from less pains.  Some other benefits that I learned from drinking  canna leaves smoothy are:  cancer prevention, memory improvement, eyesight improvement, lower cholestrol,  etc. etc. as compared to my RA infusions and methotrasate medications which has a long list of side effects of causing cancers, infections, tuberculosis etc.  and suffering from a compromised immunity system.   I am reposting a chart indicating the benefits of cannabis for those who are interested.  #RheumatoidArthritisCannabisleaves #CannaSmoothyforRA #growingmyownRAmedicine

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