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Straw Bale Garden Progress

What a joy to see the first fruits from one’s garden!  Cantelope and round cucumer is doing so well, and so is the zucchini seed that I have just planted a week and half ago straight in the bale.  Water melon is coming along fine too and I kind of forgot what the other plant is that I planted.  I looks like it is cantaloupe.  The label that I put in the straw got blown away during one of those strong windstorm in Vegas.  The tiny Japanese eggplant, only 8 – 10 inches tall, had 5 fruits on it, so I figure I had better harvest two so the others could grow as they are weighing heavy on the mother plant.   Late beets planting is coming along too as are the potato plants in the laundry basket.   My crinkle kale and swiss chard in the Garden Tower are continuing to produce and making contributions to my green smoothies.  So thankful to the Lord for the happy harvest.IMG_2464  I was so afraid that the plants in the straw bale would not do well in the hot and dry Las Vegas weather.   I can definitely say my friend and I got a very pleasant surprise, even though in the beginning growth was kind of slow.   However, you can look at the straw bale picture showing that inside the straw bale,  the straws are turning into rich compost.   I did have to supplement all the plants with some fertilizer and epsom salt once a week.  Possibly will have to add another watering schedule as Vegas temperature has consistently been in the 100’s.IMG_2462IMG_2421 IMG_2453Untitled

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