Separating worms and Compost Casings

If you are like me, don’t want to sit down and dig into the compost for an hour to try to get the worms out in order to put them back into the compost, you would be wracking your brain trying to think of an easier way to separate the worm from the compost after emptying the compost tube. I got a few suggestions from people from this site, but involve making a screen and I am not into doing another DYI project right now. Besides, if the compost is really wet, the screen would not do anything.

I found a solution!!!

Here it is. Empty the compost tube, put the compost in a box, now put a thin layer of browns on top. and, in your mind, divide the box into 2 halves, put some veggie scraps on ONE SIDE of box, all the way to the edge on one side. Cover the box with a moisten cardboard and put in a dark area. Wait a day or so. Now take away the card box cover after a day, use a little gardening spade and go to the opposite side of where you put the scraps. Dig into the compost. You will discover all the worms are not there. They have travelled to the other side of the box where the food is and stayed there. Now you can either scoop the compost with no worms out, or scoop the side with worms and put the worms back in the tube.

Have not seen the eggs yet, so will deal with that later.

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