My Medicinal Plant is drinking Kombucha

The Many Uses of Kombucha!

You read right!  My medicinal cannabis plants are drinking kombucha!  Recently, some of the leaves of my cannabis plants suddently turned yellow, and a lot of the lower leaves are drying up and falling off inspite of my feeding them religiously with nutrients. I tested my soil, and lone and behold, the PH went up to 9! I guess the Las Vegas tab water is so alkaline that it slowly changed the PH in my soil. Without any PH changing compound on hand, I resorted to using some of my over brewed kombucha tea as a quicky fix. I put a cup of acidic kombuch tea in a gallon of water, tested it with my PH tester, making sure that it registered 6 – 7 PH, and voila! I figured that the bacteria and yeast in the tea would help with the plant growth also. It has only been one day, so we will see if that works. If so, I will forego buying any chemicals.

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