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Merry Christmas, Happy New Years (2), Joyful Hunnukah, and Sweet Valentine’s Day!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Joyful Hunnuka, Happy Chinese New Year and Sweet Valentines!

I figure since I took so much effort in putting my tree, I might as well make it last.  So this is my “Quintuple-theme” tree – “Christmas”, “New Year (including Chinese New Year), Hannukah and “Valentines”, and I am keeping it up till Valentine’s Day!  So Happy Holidays to you all!

In case someone is wondering what’s that on top of the tree … that is a Chinese New Year Lucky money envelope with an inverted character “Blessings” on it.  Why inverted one may ask.  Well, blessings always comes from God of Heaven from  above, and the word for “up-side-down” in Chinese also means “pouring down”, so may blessings from Heaven above pours down to you for the New Year of 2017 and beyond; the lights represents the Festival of Lights (Hannukah) and the hearts are for all the love I am sending you all!

And we cannot have Seasons Greetings on a Garden Tower page without our “Star”, my GT2, so here’s a picture of my Garden Tower all decked up with lights and a real poinsetta growing up top, saying Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

And sharing with you all a lovely song:

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