Leaf of Life (Bryophyllum Pinnatum)

A follow up on my post on my Leaf of Life plant. This plant fascinates me. This plant is native to Madagascar, and also popular in growing in Jamaica and any tropical warm climate, also known as the air plant, cathedral bells, life plant, miracle leaf. Through some research, I found out that it is a good herbal remedy for hypertension, bronchial problems, colds, bruises, boils, ulcers, insect bites, ear-aches, sprains, swelling, arthritis, tay-tay worm, asthma and cleans bladder. One can eat the leaves raw, or make tea out of them. What really drew my interest is the way how it propagate itself. To grow this plant, all you simply have to do is place one of the leaf of life leaves on top of moist soil and in just a few days you will start to see roots appear, with full grown plants in a few weeks. I put mine on top of some soil in a container approximately 2 weeks ago, and look, I have 8 babies! I am so excited. Once I have a few more plants, I am going to use the leaves regularly for its wonderful health benefits.

Look at the babies!!!

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