I was slimed!!!

I sent out an SOS message on my gardening training group last night. This is the orginal post:
“Ahhhhh! Help! This is totally freaking me out! And I don’t get freak out easy. I was out shopping this afternoon, coming back around 6 pm and notice this glob of yellow stuff on top of my GT in the Utility Room. It is bright yellow, slimy consistency. I thought my husband spilled something there. (He’s out and not back yet), so I scooped it out with a little spade, and flush it down the toilet. This is two hours after. The glob grow back completely and expanding. This is like straight out of a sci-fi horror movie. Anybody know what are these? Are they harmful or poisonous? Yikes! What do I do with it? It is still growing fast! The previous globs even got on the edge of the Tower. Help!”
Guess what, I found out they are “Dog Vomit Slime”, a mold, and it is not toxic. (Sigh of relieve). Actually, they are really interesting. Here’s an article about it, and in there is a time-lapse video that is fascinating to watch. I’ve been educated. 


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