After taking a sabbatical for 3 seasons (summer, fall and winter 2017), I finally got my two GT2s up for 2018, and the last few days of tempertures in the 80’s in Vegas really gave all the plants a big push.  Last summer was a stressful time with my hubby kind of sick,  day time temperture in Vegas went up as high as 118F;  the HOA painting our building;  and I had to dissemble the outdoor tower to accommodate the workers.  Fall came and we decided to get out of the condo and get a house so no more dealings with restrictions of POA,  so most times we were spent looking at houses on the market.   We found  the house in October and I had to pack and move all by myself with no help from my husband as he was still not himself, I was stressed to my limits.  A visit from my daughter and grandkids gave me a much needed break, but right after that, I had to continue to pack and unpack.  Spring is what I needed to get back into my gardening, even though I still have unpacked boxes lying around.  I just decided to let them go for the moment.   My GT2s needs me!  I put one tower in my courtyard, partial sun in the morning and shaded in the afternoons.  However all the veggies are doing great!  I got kale, nappa cabbages, red cabbages, cilantro, red romane and regular romaine, spinach, and head lettuce, and a pot of marigold up top.  I had saved the soil when I dissembled my tower before I moved, so I just used the same soil, added some worm castings (ones that had rock dust included) from Costco, plus a little bit of organic  fertilizer for veggies.  My worms which I put in a self made worm box survived beautifully, so I just scooped them into the tube and they now enjoy a comfortable refurbished  home with plenty to eat.

Now GT2 #2 had a great view, facing the golf course, but because of the many days of high winds this early spring was not doing as well as the one in the courtyard, which is all surrounded.   I guess the plants had to pay for the good view.  But now that the winds seemed to have died down (keeping my fingers crossed), they seem to be doing better.  Tower #2 is growing some beets up top, bush beens, and I experimented with seeding a lot of peas for pea sprouts.  The peas are now sprouting and I am going to cut them for pea sprouts when they are around 3 to 4 inches tall.  Down bellow I got some more lettuces, oregano, thyme, dill, basil and some more peas;  but these are for pods, and of course I did not forget my favorite edible flower … the beautiful nasturtiums, red and yellow.  I just love nasturtiums in my salads.  They add a kick to the flavor, and beautiful colors to the dish.  I also planted a Japanese eggplant, a bush bean, and some bok-choy.  Hopefully the lettuces and bok-choy won’t bolt too soon in this Vegas heat.  Today the temperature decided to go up to 86F!  I am finally back to my old self with my two pride and joy GT2s beaming with healthy plants.  Even the hummingbirds and honey bees are starting to come around to gather their nectar.  I also decided to put in  two Aquajets, which were not available in the original set up for the towers.  Putting them up was a chore.   We will see how it works out and if it helps in the watering of the tower in the desert heat.    #joyofgardeningwithGT2 #organicgardening #notiltnoweedgardening

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