Hula Hoops to Trellis

Hula Hoop Trellis

Hula Hoop TrellisA Tower within a towner. My trellis made with 3 hoola hoops and 6 6ft. metal trelllers sticks. Also double as a shade for the GT when I clip a shade cloth on. My cucumbers and my zuchinni squash are airborne! You will notice there is a gap between the trellis and the GT. That way, I can work and water in between, and eventually, will also provide some shade for the pockets without the shade cloth. Am also working on plugging my irrigation water overhead to cool down the plants when it is really hot .. just an experiment. I had to use 3 hoops as I had to use one to extend the size of the bottom of the trellis as the original hoop is not large enough. The bottom part of trellis is weighted down with large rocks so it will not topple. You can stake it if your your tower is on top of soil. Mine is on concrete and rocks.

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