Harvesting Seeds

Harvesting SeedsjpgThe crazy Vegas weather finally got some of my winter crops of napa and broccoli to bolt and flowered.  While the little yellow flowers were pretty, and the bees loved them, they finally turned into seeds.  I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather to start some new plants, so I just pulled most of them and harvested the seeds.   So now, I have some nice seeds to work with for my fall crops, and meanwhile, planted some bush beans, eggplants and marigolds.    Since I did not pull everything, I took a lot of the soil from those pockets out, well as much as I can anyways, and replaced them with the Wondersoil.  Originally I had started the tower with Fox Farm’s Aquamarine mix  The mix was good in nutrients, however I had noticed that it dries up kind of quickly, especially during last year’s hot hot Vegas weather, and I had to water three times a day, and the water just ran straight through.  Especially the pockets, as they dried up first.  So, now that I am scooping some of the soil in the pockets out, I am replacing what was in there with WonderSoil.  I cannot get into the middle of the tower, but at least most of the pockets are filled up with the better moisture holding organic WonderSoil.  In the second tower, I used WonderSoil and the salad greens are producing great.  I am having organic salads almost everyday!  Wonder how long before those greens are going to bolt, as today’s temperture went up to 86 degrees in Vegas.  Last week we had temperature in the 40’s and 60 mile/hour wind, a far cry from today.  We will see what tomorrow brings.


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