Harvesting Black Gold

Decided to empty the compost tube at the back porch this morning, since it is not going down much. Use the good ole broom stick method again, as everthing was stuck. After a few wiggling and pushing, finally came out. Did not think the worms were working in the winter time because of the temperature. Wrong! The reason why nothing was going down was because the tube was completely full of compost! And it was ALL compost. The biggest stash of black gold ever. I guess the fact that the crocpot kept the Grow Tent at around 50 degree helped the worms keep going. Spent almost an hour trying to seperate the worms and the moist black mass. Does anybody have a easier way to seperate them than having to dig through the compost to get the worms in order to put them back in the tube? There’s got to be an easier way! Anyways, the worms that went back in were nice and fat, and it was a good harvest. 🙂

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