GT2 went space-age!

What’s going on with this crazy weather. My son living in New York City is enjoying 60F degrees temperature last week while in Vegas we have 30F l, and for last nights where I live it went down to 29F. Good thing I improved on my Growth Tent. Last time when I posted, I made the Grow Tent out of mylar, but then I figured the temperture is so cold that thin mylar material was not going to work, especially with the high desert wind, gusting to 45 mph for a few nights. So, I made another tent, this time out of material kind of like “Reflectix”. Reflextix is so expensive, so instead, I went to 99 cents store, bought some window sunscreen, pasted them together, and here is the resulting picture. The tent is bigger too, 48″ in diameter. You might ask me why is there a crockpot beside the GT2. Well, instead of using a heater, which uses a lot of electricity, and it dries up the air; I made soup inside the tent overnight. A crockpot at low setting only uses around 10 – 15 cents per 7 hours, and the heat and moisture from the soup that it emits is enough to keep the Grow Tent warm during the night. I put an outdoor thermometer in the tent and checked the temperature. It is a steady 50F when outside is 33F. So I guess as long as it is cold at night, I will have a pot of soup everyday smile emoticon. I put an extra growth lamp (from Walmart) in addition to the 3 I had before, each only uses 17W. I turned it on at 4 pm, that’s when it gets dark here, and have it on a timer, keeping them on till 7 am. Already, I am seeing my spinach turning a nice green and growing a little faster. I might have to readjust the timing though. Let’s give it sometime and see what happens. Don’t know what the red wigglers are doing. Don’t seem to have much activity. I learned that for them to be productive, the temperature has to be over 60F. Hope they are not dead. Keeping my fingers crossed.  Oh, this new version of the tent is bigger, 48″ in diameter.  Ample space for plants to mature.  My daughter said it looks like something from NASA, especially the night picture.

Charmaine Shen's photo.

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