Growing My Own Medicine – Going back

These are pictures of my initial temporary grow tent set up.  I had a corner of my Utility Room empty, where I moved my second GT2 which was initially outside.  Because of the complaints of the POA, I had to move it indoors.  I had two LED shop lights, so I used them on the side, and I had growing in my GT2 romain lettuces, other lettuces, and some spinach.  I was harvesting some veggies, but the LED shop lights were just not strong enough.  I was doing a lot of traveling during the fall period, so I really did not do much with the GT2.  Then I read  about the benefits of juicing cannabis leaves for the purpose of treating Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My ears perked up.  I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2007.  I was prescribed over the years with several drugs that is used for treating cancer and RA.  They were outragiously expensive, and has terrible side effects, like lowering one’s immune system, thereby subjecting my body to all kinds of infections, longer duration for me to recover from illnesses, destroying my liver (I have to have monthly blood test) and lastly, posibilty of causing cancer itself.  However, without the medication, I would not be able to function, like getting out of bed, walking, doing chores, etc., so I have no choice but to take them.  However these medications are not 100% helpful, and after a while, one’s body might get used to it and they would not work any more.  So far, I have already changed medications 4 times already, and am still experiencing 30% pain.  I finally decided to look into this juicing cannabis treatment.  I did some research on the web, read a whole lot of testimonies as to the medical properties of cannabus, attended an educational presentation by a doctor about using cannibus as medicine, did some more research on the web, familiarize myself with different species of cannibus etc. And now, I am ready.  I got myself a medical license for cannabis.  However, I have no intention of smoking the stuff.

Here’s my initial set-up.  I line the corner of my utility room with half reflective mylar, and half reflective car sunscreen.  Yes, car sunscreen.  The sunscreen are stiff, and can stand up pretty well on it’s own with some help and they are like an accordion that I can open and close like a folding door, so I could open up in front to access the GT2. This is part of the material which I used last year outside in the winter for my grow ten.  I did not set the grow tent up again this year because of the condo POA’s complaint.     The rest of the space I just lined with mylar.   I bought myself a 300W all spectrum grow light and hung it on the wire shelf that was above.  Here are the pictures.  The growth lamp was directly above the center pot, approx. 10 inch above, and 16 inches from the top of the GT2.  The date of seeding was Dec. 13, these pictures were taken Dec. 17, 4 days after seeding, and the previous post’s picture was taken last Wednesday, 29 days after seeding.


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