Fall Garden 2015 after 2 months of absence

End of last August, I had to leave for an extended period of time. After 2 months being away, I found my GT in relatively sad shape.  I had set up a self watering system, but because it was tied to the watering schedule of the condo I stayed at, it was way over-watered.  I did not want to bother my neighbors to look after my plants, so it was left to survive on its own.  However, one cheerful note, my cherry tomatoes survived, and there were a few cheery tomatoes still on the vine when I got back.  My egg plant did great, two nice eggplant still hanging on the plant.  All the herbs (all the basils, thai basil included did OK, oregano looks a little dried out).  All the cucumbers dried up somehow.   All in all, it was not too bad.  One thing though is that I do not know if the worms survived.  I emptied my compost tube before I left, filled it up to the brim with kitchen scraps and browns, but two months is a long time with no food!  Poor worries!!!  I had just refilled my tube, and am waiting to see if it is going down at all.  I did find a few drowned worms in the drawer in the water on account of the over-watering.  Three days ago, I pulled out my tomato, trimmed my peppers, and cleaned out the empty dead pockets.  I have replanted the top with a cabbage, a mustard green and an Asian green transplant.  In the side pockets, I transplanted spinach and russian chard.  Seeded a few pockets  with nappa cabbage, bok choi, amaranth.  I used 7 Wonder Soil seed germinating pallets, put them in a bowl, added some water until the pellets absorbed all the water.  I then spooned the mixture into the pocket, covering the seeds in each pocket. Then I covered the seeded pockets with sticky plastic and all the seeds have germinated already, in two days!  This is my first experiment using the Wonder Soil pellets directly in the GT pockets, so we will see how the cooler autumn Las Vegas weather will be working  for the greens. Springtime growing was great, until the temperature gets up to over 100 degrees.  Summer is just too long and too hot here!  I am doing this experiment using the Wonder Pellet mixture.  I figure the coconut coir should retain the moisture in the pockets more.  We shall see.

IMG_0079 IMG_0081

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