Cloning my cannibus

My cannibus plants on top of my GT2  are getting tall, almost reaching the top hanging grow lights, so in order to stop them from touching the lights, I have cut off a few tops to be cloned.  Also, at the bottom of the plants, there are shoots that is just above the soil, and in order to make it more tidy and easier to water, I have cut off those shoots to be cloned.  I filled some  2″ seed germinating pots with some Seeding Starting Wafers that I had got from Wonder Soil, approximately 12 wafers to a pot, hydrated them with water.  Then I wet the bottom of the cannibis shoots to be cloned, dipped them into “TakeRoot” rooting hormones (in powder form) that I had bought a while ago, shook off the excess power, and then sticked  the shoots into the hydrated Seeding Wafers in the seeding pots.   I then put all of them in a plastic square container that is approx. 20 in. deep.  Remember the portable LED grow lights board that I made?  Well, I took that down from around my GT2 as I want to use that lighting board for my cloning box.  I inverted the lighting board and plucked it in.  So now all I have left to do is waiting to see if that works.   I have cloned other shoots successfully before that way, eg. tomatoes, peppers, etc.  Updates will follow at a later date. #cloningcannibisshoots #cloningplantswithseedstarterwafers #homemadeLEDgrowthlightboard

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