Well, a while ago, my cannatower had a terrible accident. I was moving the indoor tower out at get at some plants at the back, (this is the tower on wheels). It was tight quarters, and my husband was trying to squeeze by to get to the garage, and in order to get thru, he made a hard push on top, and the whole tower fell over. Ugh!!! What a mess! Took me all day to clean it up. Well, I decided to repot the cannabis plants that were up top into 5 gallons buckets, as they were getting too tall, almost touching my led grow light up top. In the midst of cleaning and repotting, I must have damaged some of the roots, and the cannabis plants were showing signs of stress as some of the leaves were turning yellow. So I picked all those dying leaves and I felt it was a shame to throw them away, so instead, I put them in a bowl and try to air dry them. Well, a few weeks ago, I learned how to make kombucha. I had my first batch made with regular organic tea, and it was good. So I figured I would try using the dehydrated cannabis leaves to make the kombucha. I ddn’t know if it would have the same benefits as the green smoothy, or if the drink would make me high. Tonight, I had my first cup of cannakombucha. It was delicious! Very refreshing. Now, I am waiting to see if has any THC effect on me. Will let you all know tomorrow. #cannabis #kombucha #cannabucha #cannatower #cannabisleaves

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