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I have always enjoyed gardening.

During the early years when we first got settled in the Midwest, we had a big back yard.  Chinese vegetables were difficult to come by in those early days, and Chinese grocery store were far away.  We had to drive almost an hour just to get to one, and the pickings of Chinese vegetables were limited.  So I bought myself a small tiller machine, and started a garden.  Planted all kinds of things, as I had a big backyard.

During those years, we had so much zucchini that we get sick of zucchini bread.  One year we went on vacation, and came back to find zucchinis as large as a baseball bat.  Okras and green beans were abundant, and I grew the Chinese long beans, as long as a yard!  Snow peas were my favorite, and before the peas comes, I always have a nice crop of green tender pea sprouts which my family loved.  Then, I developed allergies, I mean bad, bad allergies.  So no more garden.  It turned into a weed patch.

Then, my husband decided he wants to retire in Las Vegas two years ago.  We got a condo, not much “greens” to look at.  But that itching thumb is still there.  I was deep into studying prophecies, and believe that we are in the End Times. One day in prayer, I felt that God was telling me that some hard times are coming, and that there will be a shortage of food, especially fresh food, and that I need to get prepared.  I thought to myself … how am I going to grow anything at all in Las Vegas, in a condo.

I went on the internet, did some research, and found the Garden Tower Project website,  and they were putting out their new invention, the Garden Tower 2.  A marvelous design, using limited space (29″ x 29″ inch measuring from the legs, approx 5′ tall), requiring much less water than conventional garden, and best of all, in the middle of the unit, a compost tube, producing nutrients for the plants, and has 54 pockets for whatever plants I want to put in.   Perfect!  So I got on their kick starter program, ordered two Garden Tower 2, and am  experimenting with planting one unit back in early May.  I am saving the second tower for my fall and indoor planting.

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