A Recap of this Fall on the GT2

Well, this summer’s heat in Vegas was brutal on all the plants in the GT2.   The only plants that survived was the Swiss Chard, the Aloe Vera, the eggplant, the oregano and the curly kale.  My dwarf tomato did not make it.  Adding to injury was the POA’s requiring me to move the GT2 completely under the porch back in Spring, and it frustrates me to no end, as the GT2 literally did not get any sun at all.  So I had to work with what I got.    Had a lot of traveling during the fall, so decided I was not going to do a fall garden.  I cleaned up all the dead stuff, and let the resilient swiss chard, curly kale, aloe vera and oregano remained.  Came back mid November, took a walk in Star Nursery and the gardening bug was biting me again.  Can’t help myself!  They were putting out some left over seedlings of romance lettuce, red lettuce and endive for 25 cents each, and they got some nice pansies too, so I bought some, thinking that may be, they will have a chance as long as the frost stays away.  Anyways, what surprises me isimg_3241 img_3249 the swiss chard.  Once the temperature got cooler, they were going crazy and I can’t keep up eating them.   Well, here are the latest  front and back picture of the GT2.   Will not be putting up my winter tent anymore as the POA did not like it.


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