Before last year, I have always thought majuana is an addictive  drug and a very terrible thing, and I would never consider having anything to do with it, let alone growing it.     It was not until I found out the facts that it really has many medical qualities and health benefits for a lot of diseases that I started doing comprehensive research on the plant and found out that the plant just  a bad wrap.  It  has been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicine, including Chinese herbal medicine, and some people carries many misconceptions about the plant and not real facts. Unless one abuses in usage, there are so many positives aspects of the plant, including the treament of cancer and relieving of acute pains.   Anyways, with my suffering of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I started growing the plant and juicing the leaves with absolutely no adverse effects (see my previous post on the subject).  Absolutely no highs and my toxic RA meds have been cut in half.  It is a good thing that I live in a legal state, and I have a medical card.

Originally grew 6 plants for leaves for making smoothies.   Found out a friend’s husband’s lukemia might be coming back (hopefully not), so I took out 3 plants to go into flowering mode, put up a growth tent in my bathroom.  Now is 6 weeks into flower, will give it 2 more weeks to harvest. Flowers are not real big, but smells so awesome. Here’s a picture of a flower. You can see  the trichomes (also called resin glands.) These trichromes are the ‘crystals’, or ‘frosty stuff’ you see accumulating on the bud/leaves. They’re also what makes the plant so sticky.

The trichomes under a microscope  look like little mushrooms. There are also clear hair-like trichomes without the mushroom head but these don’t affect potency. The trichomes that have a little ball on top. This is where a lot of the THC and other good cannabinoid in cannabis is located. Since these trichomes are what contribute the most to bud potency, being able to tell when they’ve reached their highest levels of THC is important.  THC is what causes psyhcomatic (high) effect when heated, but in raw form it is THCa and does not cause any highs, but has plenty of benefits.  If the flowers are left longer in harvesting,  the THC turns into CBN and has a calming effect and is used to treat panic attacks, anxiety and sleep disorder.  Apart from THC, there’s also the CBD, and is good for treatment of pain and a whole lot of other conditions.  Here is a chart of what is good for what.















I did make full spectrum CBD oil for my friend and myself a while ago  for  medical conditions from some flowers from dispensary.   Expensive!  $500 for 2 oz of buds, made 5 grams of oil.

– 1st wash, 3 day soak in freezer, filter,Process time, 15 min

-2nd wash, 25 min soak, filter, 10 min process

– clean up machine with coconut oil, result 2 1/2 cup infused coconut oil for

cooking – may be some chocolate cookies???
So much fun!



















Well,  not too long,  I will have my home grown flowers to make the oil.  That would certainly save a lot of money.  This is my first grow.   Wish I had known all this information when my brother had cancer.   Might have been able to prolong his life.  #cannabisforhealing #cannabisforcancer #makingFECOoil



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